Wijndiner met Coppo uit Asti (Piemonte) – zaterdag 22 oktober 2022

By 9 september 2022culinaire-evenementen

Op zaterdagavond 22 oktober ontmoeten we Francesco Gallino, exportmanager van Coppo Family wines. Ook de Nederlandse importeur Pieter van den Burg zal aanwezig zijn om tijdens het wijn/spijs diner alles toe te lichten over de fantastische wijnen uit deze Noord Italiaanse beroemde wijstreek.

Programma voor een luxe 5 gangen all in diner:
18.15 uur ontvangst met Sparkling rosé met versgesneden ham van de Berckel.
Korte introductie van wijngoed.

19.00 uur aan tafel voor een luxe 5 gangen diner.
Bij elke gang worden de diverse wijnen toegelicht.
Om 22.00 sluiten we de avond af met (naar wens) een kop koffie.

All in prijs voor ontvangst aperitief met amuses, luxe 5 gangen diner en meer dan genoeg wijn, water en koffie is 125 euro.
Graag aanmelden via wilco@uwchefkokthuis.nl

Achtergrond informatie wijnhuis:

-The family
Coppo is a family-run business founded in Canelli (Asti) in 1892. Across its 125 years of history, four generations of owners have made the production of wines able to express the local environment’s specificity their mission. Coppo joined the Dosio Group in 2021.
Coppo was one of the first few companies in Italy to vinify and bottle with its own trademark the grapes produced in self-owned vineyards.
Quality-seeking, respect for local varieties, innovation conceived to support the tradition and reliability are the core values of the company.
The emblem of the family, visible on every label, is a reproduction of a wooden sculpture purposely made for Coppo during the ‘20s. It depicts a cherub trying to contain the effervescence of a spumante bottle. At his feet, the Latin motto “Robur et Salus” (Strength and Health) is engraved.
-Canelli and Monferrato area
The history of Coppo, that remains deeply-rooted in the birthplace of Italian Spumante, is inextricably bonded with the history of Monferrato, in Piedmont, one of the most distinguished areas in the Italian and global wine map.
-The vineyards and the wines
The vineyards spread for 52 hectares across the areas of Canelli, Agliano Terme, Castelnuovo Calcea, Gavi and all the way to Barolo, in Langhe territory.
Since its origins, Coppo kept renewing the treatment of the most typical grape of Canelli, the Moscato, in support of the Spumante tradition and the attention towards Moscato d’Asti.
Starting from the early ‘80s, the effort made in developing the vine varieties of Barbera and Chardonnay strengthened international recognition, with Pomorosso, Monteriolo and the two Reserve of the Family being the most valuable interpretations.
Considering the totality of wines, the whole annual production consists of around 400.000 bottles, a figure that can be considered coherent with the family-run nature of the company, with its mission and the standards pursued.
-Unesco cellars
Coppo wines are produced and stored in historical cellars that have been named Unesco World Heritage sites in 2014.
Initially built in the XVIII century as small storage cellars, later renovated and enlarged during 1800 and 1900 up to the modern restoration, they now spread underneath Canelli’s hill for over 5000 square meters and down to 40 meters of depth.
Coppo is committed to conserve this heritage of wine, history and human labour with the objective of making it accessible to everybody.